TEKEEN - Premium Wine Cocktails

TEKEEN is a line of premium wine cocktails that are crisp and refreshing! We are a small family owned Texas company that has truly crafted a unique product.

We make our cocktails by blending agave nectar, orange wine, and natural flavors for an exotic & fresh taste.  TEKEEN is not quite a wine & not quite a spirit. It tastes like a cocktail and sips like a wine!

With three compelling flavors modeled after our favorite Mexican “agues frescas” our cocktails are light, crisp, & refreshing! Currently, we offer the following three flavors: cucumber lime, grapefruit, and passion fruit lime.  All of our flavors have 12% alcohol and all natural ingredients.

Why TEKEEN Cocktails?

The best part of TEKEEN is that you can make it your own.  You can enjoy TEKEEN chilled, mixed or over ice! While some people like to enjoy it simply over ice others like to chill it with frozen fruit or even mix it with other juices and spirits.  All of our flavors are very versatile and you can easily use TEKEEN to add your own twist to your favorite recipes.  Whether you are looking for a convenient and great tasting cocktail or if you are looking to create your own complex drinks with a flavorful ingredient, TEKEEN is perfect for you!

Now what in the world does TEKEEN mean and how do you pronounce it? TEKEEN is a lost treasure of an ancient world that was once consumed to celebrate and enjoy life.  It is pronounced teh – keen and just like our cocktails it provides a unique experience that could be shared with friends and family.

What is the TEKEEN Life?

Our journey in launching TEKEEN cocktails has taught us a lot about the meaning of living the “Tekeen Life.” Living the Tekeen Life is about becoming self aware of the feeling you have when you do what you really want and most importantly embracing that feeling.  Our lives often become so results driven that we forget why we do things and what we feel.

We hope that when you are enjoying Tekeen with friends or after a long day, you take a moment to embrace that feeling you have.  Are you feeling happy, enthusiastic, or accomplished?  Remember it’s not just about what you are doing. Its about what your feeling when you do it.  Live the Tekeen Life!