All of our flavors are all natural and well balanced to provide a light and crisp taste that is clean and refreshing to the palette.

Cucumber Lime Flavor

The cucumber lime flavor has a fresh cucumber aroma with a limey finish and a subtle sweetness. For those who love fresh cucumbers, cucumber vodka, or martinis, this flavor is the perfect choice!  We like to refer to this flavor as the “adult spa water.”


Grapefruit Flavor

The grapefruit flavor has a unique taste profile that truly appeals to even those who do not enjoy grapefruits.  It has a light tartness and a sweet edge that is refreshing. For those who enjoy sweet grapefruits or a Paloma cocktail, this flavor is the perfect choice! For those who do not like grapefruits, we bet that you will like it!


Passion Fruit Lime Flavor

The passion fruit lime flavor has a fruity edge with a sweet finish and a hint of lime.  For those who want to explore their taste buds and experience something new, this tropical flavor is the perfect choice!  We consider this flavor our most versatile flavor because it can be mixed with almost anything. You can even try mixing it with light beer!